Marjorie Slooff

About me

Marjorie Slooff

(1961, Rochester, USA) lives and works in Palmela (PT) and St Hubert (NL)

As a visual artist, she finds her sources of inspiration in nature and in the human mind with its inexhaustible possibilities. She likes to respond to the environment in which she works and then builds installations or creates land-art. Fixed themes that recur are growth and transience; both are increasingly explored in newer work.
Playing with space is what she likes to do and experimenting with all kinds of materials, but always starting from a traditional sculptor’s approach. While building, she creates both large volumes and fragile glassworks.   She loves to design, make moulds and experiment with different materials like gesso, glass, bronze ,lead, ceramics etc. 

Sculpting was her first passion that she started at the age of 11!

The works can be seen in sculpture gardens, art routes and at temporary themed exhibitions both indoors and outdoors.

“Exterior and interior. Of people, animals, a stone. How do impressions penetrate from outside to inside and how is captured on the outside what happens insidei. The inside, the ultimate drives that lead to action, behaviour. That is what I like to look at, especially the ways in which that action, that behaviour is shaped. The ancient instincts (flight, reproduction, survival) that so strongly drive creatures on earth , and intuition fascinate me and lead to intense forms.
My work, mostly spatial and sometimes woodcuts, often shows mixed forms of animal and human forms but plants and trees also get a soul in my  woodcuttings. The images emerge as I look, I cut, chop or peel away the outer layer until the most intense form is achieved. Their strong expression is allowed to penetrate very directly into the viewer’s inner world and evoke subconscious reactions.
The result is often impermanent and temporary. Sometimes I capture that impermanence, by turning the sculptures into bronze, or casting them in glass, For me, it’s all about playing with the forms. My latest woodcuts were made in Portugal, influenced by the intense nature there.”

3-day seminar 3-dimensional working with glass led by Hein v/d Water, SIO2
Kiln casting with glass. 2 days at Stip glass


Glass fusing 2-day course. Smith Tools


Subsidy from the scholingsfonds for obtaining the bronze casting qualification


Subsidy from the scholingsfonds for an individual learning trajectory bronze casting


Bachelor of fine arts. Artez Arnhem


Pre-university art school Arnhem


Kom mar Kieke, 12-13-14 april , De Horst, (NL)

Galerie Bergen op Zoom (NL) juli.

dike-exhibition, Winssen (NL), 21-22 september


Mezzart-All you need is Art  Lisbon( PT)

Dijkmagazijn Winssen, (NL)

Art-side out, SerVivo Palmela (PT)


NDDA Ubbergen, together with Jo and Josie Debije in the chapel of the refter(NL)

3-shores festival,Millingen(NL)
Silence due to corona

3-shores festival, Millingen; largely cancelled due to corona(NL)
Nazomeren in the heart of Cuijck; cancelled due to corona(NL)

3 shores festival Keeken(D)
Artoll, working period and expo(D)
gallery H10a Apeldoorn(NL)
HAWAII , Big Island, inspiration and working period(USA)
Estival Estrella, Faia (PT)

Cave de Portugal, 8 March tm 12 April Nijmegen (NL)
Estival|Estrella, Faia Portugal.(PT)
Art and landscape , Enschede.(NL)
Hortus Nijmegen, land art.(NL)
Gouda land art (NL).
3 shores festival Keeken.(D)

Estival Estrella, Faia (PT).
De vlierhof, 3 bank festival.Keeken(D)
Living village festival, Dalfsen(NL).
Pracht in de Gracht, Zaltbommel(NL)

Dykes of wives, Zeeland(NL)
Nijmegen open gardens route(NL)
St Maartenskliniek , Nijmegen (NL)

East meets east, Estel building Nijmegen(NL)
Landart expo Gerardus Klooster(NL)
Vestingval Elburg(NL)
Festival de Kaai, Nijmegen(NL)
De Kunstkwekerij, Hoorn (NL)
Art and landscape art route Enschede(NL)
HAN HBOeducation , continuous expo of rented work(NL)

3 generation of sculptors, Kunstenaarscentrum de Krekel Nijmegen(NL)
Festival de Kaai ,Nijmegen(NL)
Taribush Kuna, Art festival Drenthe.(NL)
Fete de la nature, Nature garden Nijmegen(NL)
HAN education Nijmegen, FEM building and ALO: 5 of my installations at various locations(NL)
Galerie de nieuwe gang, Beuningen(garden)(NL)

De Halve van Den Helder, work period in Fort Westoever with expo(NL)
Beauty in the canal, Zaltbommel(NL)
Art route Zijpe(NL)
Landart Bienale, Vessem(NL)
Assignment to make a promotional artwork for GBK Gelderland, together with Merel Holleboom.
Galerie Satijnvogel together with Ger Driessen, Njmegen(NL)
Villa Expo, outdoor exhibition(BE)
FIN, Nijmegen , together with Jo Debije.Nijmegne(NL)

November: The other Flipje, an exhibition in Tiel(NL)
November: Art-Crumbles #9, Nijmegen(NL)
Art under the carport, Groesbeek(NL)
The night of the detours, Nijmegen(NL)
Art of today in the green of yesteryear, Nijmegen(NL)
Waalfront,Stadschouwburg Nijmegen(NL)
Hortus Arcadie,Nijmegen(NL).
Galerie de Synaps,Oosterhout,NL)
Kunstschouw Zeeland,Westerschouwen(NL)

Artist centre the Elephant: Exhibition Elephant in focus, Nijmegen(NL)
GBK 39X solo, Arnhem(NL)
De Lindenberg, Nijmegen(NL)
Art route St . Antonis(NL)
Gallery the Synapse, Oosterhout(NL)
Gallery Espace Enny, sound scapes, Laag Keppel(NL)
Landart Diessen(NL )

NKVB, firing objects, Boom(BE).
Art route Beuningen, Winssen(NL)
K@Roepaen, “Carte Blanche “, Ottersum,(NL)
Premier Diner, de Kolonie, Gennep(NL)
Examples 2, NKVB, Amsterdam(NL)

Art Route Beuningen, Winssen( NL)
De Kolonie/Maasduinen, Mook(NL)
Art Route Groesbeek, Groesbeek,(NL)
Honderdmorgen, Fort Pannerden, Doornenburg(NL)
Achmea, Apeldoorn( NL)
Forgotten book(Artoll), Bedburg-Hau(DE )

The Art-crumbles #6, Nijmegen(NL)
Shopping, Nijmegen(NL)
Art route Beuningen, Winssen( N)
Paridaeza,Coming soon , Arnhem(NL)
Art under the carport, Groesbeek( NL)
Art-partner , Cuyck( NL)
CBK salesexhibition, Nijmegen(NL)

Artwork Wageningen(NL)

Assignment for golden hands. Beek, (NL)

Glass artwork for community centre Meijhorst
Grave art work in glass , private person.

Commission for 5 corporate gifts , nkvb, NL

Assignment for an artwork in health centre on the Paap in Groesbeek

Artol, Bedburg-Hau, D

Hawaii (USA)

Faia (PT)


Artoll, Bedburg-Hau(DE)

Work period and stookexperiments NKVB.Boom (BE)

Artoll Bedburg-hau,(DE)

Artoll Bedburg-Hau,(DE)

Visual arts teacher. (All spatial disciplines)
Giving workshops in glass fusing / sculpture to groups and companies.
Performing bronze works from design to finishing in schools museums and exhibitions


Teaching ceramics and glass fusing in Palmela (P)


docent ceramics at the staff association of the UMC Nijmegen(NL)


working as art teacher at De Lindenberg house for the arts Nijmegen(NL)

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