Marjorie Slooff

Transparency - Glass Art


Glass is my biggest passion. Glass is naturally about transparency and as a life theme for me it means openness and honesty. Clear communication. Glass as a material gives me the possibility to make sculptures that catch the light that moves through them. And also to include a part of the environment through the transparent sculptures I enjoy to sculpt with this complicated and wonderful natural material.


Is this a dance or a fight?
A dance with yourself, your dark and light side, deep down in your self.
Or a dance with the other? Passionate, loving; with attraction and rejection.
A play of the light transparent glass with the heavy dark weight of the lead.

First there were the leaden, bended creatures, and they transformed into happy and unhappy dancers.

Date: 2009-2018
Material: fusing glass and lead
Size: 12 cm.


There are Many other transparent materials and I made a lot of sculptures in plastic, epoxy and polyester. “Ovaria” is an example of putting an installation into a longer lasting object. I placed mummified potatoes into the round shape and the playful installations with the rolling balls where born.

Date 2005-2023


Making my own moulds and playing with the (im)possiblities of this liquid material
gives me a lot of joy. The colorfull works get more and more complicated in time.

Connection: 2022
A trio in glassfusing dancing there way through friendship and love.
Material :Glass.
Size: 45 cm diameter



After learning how to cast bronzes in the artists place in Nijmegen, the Elefant, I found out the bronze was not my ideal material to work with. Casting glas is different but at the same uses the same moulding techniques. I love moulding , measuring, firing and after this unpacking the works like an archeologist.


After making creatures of lead in art school , who where transformed into the
Last year I transformed some drawings into sculptures and criaturas was born.

Material: glass
Size: 20 cm.