Marjorie Slooff

Playing with space - Installations


To be playful and soft is a thing that I would like to learn more and more. To include an environment, either nature or architecture has been a nice investigation to me since the beginning of art school. First to take in an environment and than to play in nature with al kinds of materials is so much fun! To place art in nature adds on to its beauty weather you mean the artwork or the nature! And to be playful and free leads to nice encounters between both.


As I like to reuse material the discovery of transforming paper boxes into artworks was a nice one.
With water and a blender and a lot of patience the big works where made.
Titels like pelle (skin) and pelliculia refer to our skin. The skin that can change like a snakes one and transform us into new bodies time after time. The skin that needs touch and that is such an important organ. After paper came bronze, as I transformed some of the works in bronze.
Material: cardboard
Sizes : 1m to 5m


The installations I make for landart exhibitions are not alway in pure nature, they can be in old airports, abandoned schools and a lot of other places also.
I love to build , climb in trees and hang my works wether its a bridge or a tree. I go into the water to play with the under currents of the river and never mind if in the end my works float away to wards the sea.



I finished art school with a lot of sculptures in polyurethane. They evolved in time towards big detachable sculptures that found their way to a lot of exhibitions.
Evo, evolution touches on my favorite topic, the question how developed are we humans at all, and in what way is our behavior still guided by the basic instincts , seeking, anger, fear, care, pleasure lust and play.
“L’Acrobate qui pense pas” is a work about daring to jump. Into new possibilities, into the unknown, taking a new step.
It was made for a festival near the river in my home town (de Kaaij) representing a creature that came out of that river.
Material: polyurethane, polyester, metal.
Size : 4 m long


The turning japs in an old school that was my atelier for a long time projected images on the walls that grew bigger and smaller depending on the distance to the wall. And amazing dance it was!
After that I transformed them into installations in nature many times.

Material: aluminum and red cloth
Size : 150cm high