Marjorie Slooff

The Worlds - Graphic, Lino & Woodcuts

Drawings, Graphic Work, Lino and Woodcuts

The worlds that can be present in a human head, in fantasy fascinate me. I like to put them out there and see the reactions. Woodcutting and lino are also sculpting to me. I scratch, cut and grind till I reach the effect I like. The black lined paintings that I made show fantasy worlds that arose after an artist in residency in which I did a lot of meditation.
My mind just came out!


To print, to multiply makes it possible to make multiples that are the same and still different.
Use ink, black and white first and later colorful.


Big works of 1.50 meter by 80 cm , to big to pass to the press. I print them all manually with a small tool from Australia.


A series of 4 works , 20-20cm. I printed them al in different colors and altogether they were an artwork in itself.
4 colors wood and lino cut.


Associations of a human brain, fantasies in clear black lines on white paper.