Marjorie Slooff

Endless Possibilities - Ceramics & Bronze

Ceramics & Bronze​

Life has endless possibilities, and I like to grab them all!
A sculptor does not always make sculptures, that why I at some point started to call myself a beeldbouwer, (dutch) a builder of images…
But this section in the website is about plain sculptures.
At some point I understood that it can make sense to conserve some of the fragile works I made in paper or other natural materials.
So I learned bronze casting and was the first female bronze caster in artists center the Elefant in Nijmegen. The endless possibilities the metal gives are great but in the end I choose to work with glass.
When I started teaching, ceramics was not at all my passion. But by doing I learned
how many options there are, and I started to enjoy. So by now I sculpt in clay as well.


I love to challenge myself and the wonderfull material to see how tine how fragile the works can be. And to use colors!
As a member a the Dutch sculptors association is participated in a clay residency . We worked in Belgium in and abandoned clay factory and could make sculptures as high as we liked. After drying we build ovens around the sculptures and we fired allay and night. A real fun experience.
Right now I live in a clay valley myself. Here they used to make bricks so once again I am back to working with pure earth.


The thin paperwork where ideal to cast in bronze. I enjoy the whole process of moulding and casting. The magic of the molten metal is fascinating.
After learning it, I assisted in a lot of workshops bronze casting en exhibitions and museums.
As you can see I combine the bronzes with glass.